Fiction, Science Fiction

The Legion had been recruited, trained, and battle with the terrible Reptilian enemy had been joined. But, the real enemy was the enemy within. An out-of-power faction of the Separatists would plot an assassination of their Prime Minister and fix it so the blame fell on the Legion.

The Legion would then be deserted on a planet scarcely able to support them, and left for the Reptilians to annihilate completely. The new Prime Minister, who had plotted the whole thing, had dangerously underestimated the Legion, and the Legion of the Damned would not die.

Born in Anderson South Carolina, William discovered early on, a desire to see the world. While in the Army, he lived on the economy in Germany and worked on his German while making friends with the locals. He backpacked the Black Forest, visited the World War II concentration camp at Buchenwald, drank excellent beer at Oktoberfest in Munich, day hiked in the Swiss Alps, met a beautiful girl in Paris, consumed fish and chips in London, and stood on the Acropolis in Athens. Later, William traveled by ship to Antarctica on a magazine assignment, flew cargo jets, and traveled in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. He received a MS in geology from the University of Texas at El Paso and now teaches geology at Weatherford College in Texas when not bow hunting, kayak fishing, or writing. He somehow managed to marry the prettiest Mexican girl and best cook west of the Pecos. He and Maria have a son. All these experiences and the people met are woven into his tales. These stories often deal with men and women struggling to live their lives free of the statists-collectivists.